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Airbnb Rentals are the Fastest Way to Ditch Your W-2 and Gain Financial Independence

The biggest mistake people make with their first Airbnb, is NOT understanding the numbers through a fundamental analysis. This doesn't have to be difficult.

With BNB Calc, you can eliminate the guesswork around profitability.

Start with an address and purchase price, then instantly view projected revenue for each property using historic Airbnb and VRBO data. See estimated expenses, financing, and local taxes for the property.

Get a bottom-line comparison that lets you decide which property provides the highest return on investment.

Without a finance degree, you'll be able to answer questions like...
  • Should I buy or rent an Airbnb property?
  • What daily rate and occupancy can I expect?
  • Which financing option provides the best ROI?
  • What will be my upfront cash investment?
  • Which property provides the best cash-on-cash return?

I run the numbers on 30 properties before I find one that is an excellent, worthwhile investment

Jeremy Werden

Owns 8 Airbnb Properties, Arbitrages 5


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We get it. Our team operates 19 profitable Airbnbs.

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BNB Calc teaches you how to think like an experienced short-term-rental owner/operator


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“The calculator provides in depth analysis which is vital for everchanging rates, expenses, and potential revenue. Amazing!“
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“It used to take me hours to analyze a property for airbnb and run the numbers. Thanks to BnBCalc it now takes a matter of minutes. This has enabled me to make successful airbnb investment decisions.“
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“BNB Calc has been an integral tool helping me to build my 3 property STR portfolio. I initially struggled at running the numbers and knowing what was a good investment but this tool has made it extremely easy.“
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“I did not understand the variables that went into making an airbnb investment. Running the numbers is now a breeze thanks to BNB Calc.“

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