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Water Wonders: Integrating Water Features into Your Short-Term Rental for Tranquil Retreats

Water features can transform your short-term rental property into a serene and captivating escape. From soothing fountains to elegant koi ponds, these additions not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor spaces but also provide a calming atmosphere that can help set your rental apart in a competitive market. Leveraging BNBCalc’s analytics, you can identify which enhancements might increase your property’s value and guest satisfaction. Here’s how to incorporate water features effectively to create a tranquil retreat for your guests.

Choosing the Right Water Features:

  • Fountains: A well-placed fountain can serve as a focal point in your garden or courtyard, providing soothing background sounds. Consider styles that complement the architecture of your rental, whether modern or traditional.
  • Ponds: Installing a pond can add a sense of peace and depth to your property. For added interest, introduce aquatic plants and fish like koi, which can also become an interactive attraction for guests.
  • Waterfalls: Small, artificial waterfalls can create a dynamic visual and auditory experience. These are particularly appealing in properties with natural slopes or terraced gardens.

Location and Installation:

  • Choose locations that are visible and accessible, enhancing both the beauty and functionality of your outdoor spaces. Ensure that any water feature is installed in a way that doesn't compromise guest safety or property maintenance.
  • Professional installation is recommended, especially for complex features like ponds and waterfalls, to ensure they are sustainable and safely integrated into your landscaping.

Maintaining Water Features:

  • Regular maintenance is crucial to keep water features clean and functioning properly. This includes monitoring water levels, cleaning filters, and managing the health of aquatic life if you have fish.
  • Provide clear instructions to guests about the operation and any safety precautions related to the water feature to enhance their experience without increasing risks.

Enhancing Guest Interaction:

  • Create small seating areas around your water features where guests can relax, meditate, or enjoy close-up views of the water and wildlife. This encourages interaction and makes the water feature a part of their daily experience.
  • Consider interactive elements such as feeding fish in a koi pond, which can be especially popular among families with children.

Top 5 Water Features to Highlight in Your Listing:

  1. Artistic Fountains: Showcase any artistic or custom-designed fountains that serve as centerpieces in your outdoor areas.
  2. Koi Ponds: Highlight the tranquil beauty and interactive nature of koi ponds, emphasizing the opportunity for guests to feed and watch the fish.
  3. Streamlined Waterfalls: Detail the visually appealing and soothing waterfalls, particularly if they are designed to mimic natural landscapes.
  4. Reflecting Pools: Mention any reflecting pools, which can add a serene and luxurious element to your property’s garden or courtyard.
  5. Water Gardens: Introduce any water gardens with floating plants and flowers, which enhance the aesthetic diversity and attractiveness of your property.


Incorporating water features into your short-term rental can greatly enhance the aesthetic appeal and peaceful ambiance of the property. These features not only attract guests looking for a relaxing retreat but also offer a unique selling point that can differentiate your rental in the market. By using BNBCalc to understand market trends and guest preferences, you can invest wisely in water features that boost your property’s value and appeal, ensuring a memorable and soothing experience for your guests.

Reveal your property’s rental profitability

Buy this property and list it on Airbnb.