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Tips on How To Get Direct Bookings For Your Airbnb

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You can improve your direct booking rates by setting up a system, establishing an online presence, optimizing your social media, and leveraging marketing tools and strategies centered around direct bookings.

There's no denying the benefits of using Airbnb for your short-term rental business. However, the Airbnb fees can add up and eat a significant chunk of your earnings. This might not be a problem during those busy, fully booked periods, but you can notice that your pockets hurt more during those low-demand seasons.

Direct bookings can help you earn more by cutting out the booking sites and going straight to your customers. You not only get increased revenue, but it can also help you create connections and build trust that can lead to repeat customers in the future.

So, our team shares some useful tips on getting direct bookings for your vacation rental.

Set Up A Direct Booking System

This is more of a necessity rather than a tip, but you'll first need to set up a direct booking system where customers can reach you. You can't expect direct bookings to come if you've only got a listing on Airbnb.

You'll have to expand how potential customers can reach you and create a portal outside of Airbnb. The most common way is to make a simple website that highlights your property's amenities, pricing, features, and location. Others opt to create a Facebook Page fully dedicated to their vacation rental.

Don't forget to choose a booking software that'll handle your client's reservations outside of Airbnb. We suggest using dedicated booking software for scheduling to limit confusion and mistakes for owners with multiple properties or numerous bookings.

However, for investors who are just starting out their short-term rental and don't have the ability to cover these extra costs yet, you can return to the basics of using a manual tracking system like a spreadsheet or calendar. The important thing is you have a system in place to cater to your potential direct booking clients.

Establish Your Online Presence Outside of Airbnb

Social media's reach is crazy; it's one of the main ways you can replace the visibility your property gets on Airbnb, which leads to more direct bookings. At a minimum, we recommend creating a Facebook and Instagram Page for your vacation rental. However, you can go the extra step with a dedicated website that showcases your property.

You can ask previous customers to visit, like, and follow these accounts to start growing your following. This also opens up the path for future repeat reservations outside of Airbnb, even if they initially found your rental on the platform.

Running ads, regularly posting, and engaging with your followers can allow you to continue your progress and improve visibility.

Optimize Your Pages and Listings for Direct Bookings

Creating pages is one thing; properly optimizing them is another. Optimizing your pages allows them to show up in relevant searches and reach a wider audience. This can be done by including "vacation rental" or something similar within the page's name. You can also include a well-written bio, along with links to your other pages/ website.

Make sure that your website has a user-friendly design and an inviting home page. Users are more likely to explore if the look of your site instantly hooks them.

Don't forget to add multiple HD photos and high-resolution videos covering the entirety of your rental. Highlight your best amenities and ensure that they are visible in your media. You can also add reviews and feedback to establish trust and maybe a map or address to let people know exactly how to find the property and its location.

Additionally, you can also register for a free Google Business Profile to claim your business and allow it to appear in local Google searches. This added visibility can go a long way to finding potential customers for direct bookings.

Offer Benefits for Direct Bookings

One way to attract direct bookings is to provide extra value to the customers. You can do this through offering additional benefits such as promotions, discounts, or freebies whenever they directly book.

Some of the promotions you can implement are:

  • Early Booking Discounts – Provide slight discounts for people who choose to book weeks before their preferred date.
  • Referral Programs – You can offer deductions on their next stay if they recommend your property to their friends or family. This incentivizes them to come back in the future and market your rental through word of mouth.
  • Seasonal Promos – You can present discounts during low-demand periods to attract more customers and keep the cash flowing.
  • Loyalty Rewards – Give your clients a reason to come back by using loyalty rewards that they can claim when they return. It can range from free meals and extra discounts, among others.
  • Flash Sales – Finally, you can also implement quick sales during specific times that can encourage impulse reservations so that they lose the discount.

You can use the lower capital due to the lack of Airbnb fees to fund these promotions. Just make sure that you still have enough to earn more than you usually would when using different rental platforms.

Using a tool like BNBCalc can help you accurately calculate your potential earnings, including your costs outside of these platforms. It can be used as a way to see projected estimates of your income, costs, and feasible nightly rates, among others. This can help you decide how to run different promotions and how they will affect your bottom line.

Leverage Email Marketing

Our final tip is to take advantage of sending out mass emails to your previous customers and others that you can potentially find. You can create an automated announcement of discounts or promotions to draw in users.

You can leverage services like StayFi to automate the process and automatically collect email addresses whenever they connect to your property's Wi-Fi. StayFi also allows you to customize the splash page to increase your branding presence, control the bandwidth, and ensure guests enjoy a reliable internet connection during their stay.

StayFi extends your marketing strategy to your Wi-Fi connection. It provides analytics and insights about a guest's Wi-Fi usage during their stay.

Of course, you can also use other automated tools to streamline the process and make it easier to send mass emails.

Wrapping Things Up

By implementing these strategies, you can turn casual browsers into loyal guests who book directly. Remember, a strong online presence, clear communication, and enticing offers will convert interest into bookings, reducing fees and increasing your profits. So, take control of your rental experience and watch those direct bookings roll in!


How Can I Encourage Guests to Book Directly for My Airbnb?

Promote direct booking benefits on your social media, website, and through email marketing. Offer incentives like discounts, personalized experiences, or flexible check-in/check-out times for direct bookings.

What Tools Can Help Me Manage Direct Bookings More Efficiently?

Consider using property management software that supports direct bookings, such as StayFi for Wi-Fi marketing or a dedicated booking engine on your website. These tools can streamline reservations, payments, and guest communications.

How Important Are Reviews in Getting More Direct Bookings?

Extremely important. Positive reviews build trust and credibility. Encourage happy guests to leave reviews by sending a thank-you email post-stay and gently reminding them of the impact of their feedback.

Can Social Media Really Help Increase Direct Bookings?

Yes, you can engage potential guests by showcasing your property's unique features, guest experiences, and special offers. Use social media to tell your property's story and direct followers to your booking website with exclusive deals.

Reveal your property’s rental profitability

Buy this property and list it on Airbnb.