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The Best Vacation Rental Cleaning Services for Your Airbnb

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We’ve chosen Tidy, Turno, MaidThis, and Properly as the best vacation rental cleaning services you can use for your Airbnb. You can also employ the use of local cleaners if you’re looking for more community knowledge and personalized attention.


Keeping up with the cleanliness of your Airbnb can be exhausting for self-managing hosts. The rapid influx of guests matched with the limited time you can clean, can make it a nightmare to maintain your property in tip-top shape.

Luckily, you can always turn to the professional cleaners to save the day. But the question is, who can you trust to instill that sparkly and spotless vibe of your rental? We’ve handpicked a selection of choices, along with the qualities you need to find in a vacation rental cleaning service.

Essential Characteristics for Your Airbnb Professional Cleaners

When it’s time to turn to the pros for help, there are several key factors that you should keep in mind before making a decision.

Experience and Specialization in Short-Term Rentals

We think that proven experience within the vast field of STRs is crucial when choosing a cleaner. STRs shouldn’t be cleaned the same way as houses and other property rentals. They consistently require quick but deep cleaning to ensure that it’s ready for occupancy before the next guest arrives. Choosing a cleaner without prior experience in an STR might cause you more harm than good, even if they’re cheaper than others. We suggest sticking with the veterans.

Reliability and Flexibility

An excellent vacation rental cleaning service can deal with anything you throw at them, from deep cleaning to linen management, restocking essentials, and performing minor maintenance tasks. Just tell them what needs to be done, and their personnel and tools should be ready right away. The full-service approach hits more than one checkmark, saving you valuable time and money. Being able to adapt on the fly is part of the challenges that are present with cleaning short-term rentals.

Use of High-Quality and Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

The main reason why you’d want them to use high-quality products is that they simply work better. The grade of their products can mean saving a few minutes on removing a sofa bed stain or saving a few hours vacuuming the house. The use of eco-friendly products is also a nice addition since it shows commitment not only to cleanliness but also to the environment. It may not be an “essential” per se, but it definitely shows you what type of company they are.

Insurance and Bonding

This ensures that the company is properly licensed, has the permit to work on STRs, and, most importantly, is legal. You don’t want to be mixed up in some illegal business, even if it’s just for cleaning your Airbnb. The added insurance also helps keep you at ease, knowing that anything valuable that can be damaged during the cleaning process is safe. Accidents happen, and trust us, you wouldn’t want to incur extra costs because you didn’t hire a cleaning service with insurance.

Positive Reviews and References

Finally, we recommend hiring a cleaning service with a proven track record of positive reviews and references. It just acts as a testament to how great their service is and how satisfied they leave their customers, and it guarantees that you’re leaving your Airbnb business in good hands.

The Top Vacation Rental Cleaning Services

Here’s our handpicked selection of some of the best Airbnb cleaning services you can hire.


Tidy boasts an impressive nationwide coverage, allowing you to hire them wherever your Airbnb is located. It provides great convenience, knowing that a service as reliable as Tidy is there whenever you need your property cleaned and guest-ready.

They also provide a streamlined cleaning process, thanks to their seamless integration with popular property management platforms. You can do everything from scheduling to managing your cleanings from your software. It eliminates the extra hassle of manual booking and coordination while minimizing risks.

If you’re a meticulous host, you can create your own set of rules to ensure results that are up to your cleaning standards. You can specify what areas you want them to focus on and select tasks they need to complete, all through Tidy’s flexible checklist.

Worried about late-night visitors? Well, Tidy has an answer for that, too. They feature a 24/7 round-the-clock service that’s perfect for those last-minute schedule changes or midnight check-ins. Tidy has a dedicated support team that will address your issues, resulting in an efficient and reliable cleaning experience.

Turno – Formerly TurnoverBnB

Turno simplifies the entire cleaning process by providing a safe and secure platform that connects Airbnb hosts to experienced vacation rental cleaners. Their marketplace has reached over 55,000+ cleaners globally, allowing most owners to find one near them.

However, Turno isn’t just a marketplace. They act as a platform where you can automatically schedule cleaning services that integrate with your booking calendar. This allows you to set cleaning dates based on guest turnover dates, removing the need for manual intervention. It automatically handles all payments, relieving you of your financial duties. All you have to do is sit and watch your Airbnb be cleaned.

How can you ensure that your rental is spotless, you say? Well, Turno has a photo verification feature where cleaners upload images of your property that document their work and provide hosts with a visual confirmation of a squeaky-clean Airbnb. This allows transparency and remote monitoring.

Turno also highlights a damage reporting system that guarantees swift communication and resolution whenever issues arise during the process. Similarly to the report system, cleaners provide detailed descriptions and photographs of issues or damages that have occurred.


MaidThis offers trusted cleaning services for residential properties and vacation rentals. It’s as easy as inputting the size of your home and selecting your chosen date and time, and the process of booking cleaners is already done.

One of MaidThis’ best features is its flexible pricing models. They offer flat-rate pricing, allowing you to instantly know what you need to pay based on the services you need and your property’s size. It allows hosts to budget properly, avoiding unexpected expenses and hidden fees.

If you’re worried about the cleaning quality, well MaidThis has a rigorous quality assurance process that involves thorough checks, assuring that their cleaning meets your standards. They have a detailed checklist and perform spot inspections, leaving no stone unturned.

Finally, MaidThis also offers convenient online booking and management services from its user-friendly platform. You can easily view cleaning schedules, upcoming appointments, and read detailed reports right from their website.


Properly is our last vacation rental cleaning service recommendation. They provide an all-in-one solution for hosts looking to outsource their property management needs. You streamline everything your vacation rental business requires all from their app or website.

Do you need to enhance your listing? Properly offers a team of professional photographers and listing experts that can showcase your property’s best assets while highlighting those unique features and amenities. It takes your Airbnb listing to a whole new level, helping you stand out from the sea of rentals.

Properly also offers dynamic pricing tools that can help you take advantage of sudden market trends, demand fluctuations, and STR seasonality. If you prefer to do things manually, you can also employ the help of the BNBCalc tool to show you detailed analytics of nearby listings or your possible revenue.

Local Cleaning Companies

While national cleaning service providers offer convenience and scalability, there is immense value in partnering with local cleaning companies for your Airbnb property. These locally owned and operated businesses bring a level of personalized attention and familiarity with the area that can be invaluable for vacation rental owners.

One of the primary advantages of local cleaning companies is their deep-rooted knowledge of the community. They understand the unique challenges and nuances of maintaining properties in your specific location, from navigating local regulations to adapting to regional weather patterns and environmental factors. This localized expertise translates into tailored cleaning approaches that cater to the distinct needs of your vacation rental.

While the process of finding and vetting local cleaning companies may require more effort than partnering with a national brand, the rewards can be substantial. Start by seeking recommendations from fellow Airbnb hosts in your area, as word-of-mouth referrals can be invaluable. Additionally, thoroughly research potential companies by reading online reviews, checking for proper licensing and insurance, and conducting in-person interviews to assess their professionalism and attention to detail.

Once you’ve identified a local cleaning company that meets your standards, it’s crucial to establish clear expectations and open lines of communication from the outset. Provide detailed cleaning checklists, outline your specific requirements, and ensure that the company understands the unique demands of vacation rental properties. Regular communication and feedback will help foster a strong working relationship and ensure consistent, high-quality cleaning services for your Airbnb.

Seamlessly Integrating Cleaning Services into Your Airbnb Operations

Partnering with a reliable cleaning service is just the first step in ensuring a seamless and efficient vacation rental operation. To truly maximize the benefits of professional cleaning and elevate the guest experience, it’s essential to integrate these services seamlessly into your overall Airbnb management strategy.

Establishing Cleaning Schedules and Checklists

Effective communication and coordination are key to a successful cleaning routine. Work closely with your chosen cleaning service to establish a comprehensive cleaning schedule that aligns with your booking calendar and guest turnover dates. Develop detailed checklists that outline specific tasks, areas of focus, and any special instructions to ensure consistent and thorough cleanings.

Streamlining Communication with Cleaners and Guests

Clear and timely communication is crucial for maintaining a smooth operation. Implement a system for seamlessly sharing cleaning schedules, property access details, and any special requests with your cleaning team. Additionally, keep your guests informed about cleaning arrangements, providing them with relevant information about check-in and check-out procedures and any temporary access restrictions during cleaning times.

Managing Supplies and Inventory

Establish a system for managing cleaning supplies and inventory to ensure that your cleaning team has everything they need to deliver exceptional results. Regularly review and replenish essential items, such as cleaning products, linens, and amenities, to avoid any disruptions or delays during the cleaning process.

Handling Turnovers and Same-Day Bookings

In the fast-paced world of vacation rentals, efficient turnovers, and same-day bookings can present unique challenges. Work closely with your cleaning service to develop contingency plans and streamlined handling processes. This may involve implementing flexible scheduling options, prioritizing certain tasks, or even having a backup cleaning team on standby during peak periods.

Incorporating Cleaning Fees into Your Pricing Strategy

Finally, it’s essential to factor in the cost of professional cleaning services when developing your pricing strategy for your Airbnb rental. Carefully analyze your expenses, including cleaning fees, and determine an appropriate pricing model that covers these costs while remaining competitive in the market. Clearly communicate any cleaning fees or charges to potential guests during the booking process to ensure transparency and manage expectations.


We’ve explored the role that vacation rental cleaning services can play regarding the success of your Airbnb business. We’ve also recommended a handful of professional cleaners that can help you get the job done, depending on your property’s needs and requirements.


How Much Do Vacation Rental Cleaning Services for Airbnb Cost?

It depends on the type of service you need, along with the property size, and special attention it requires. However, it will typically range anywhere from $50 to $200 for most Airbnb properties.

Do I Need to Hire Professional Cleaners For My Airbnb?

No, professional cleaners are not a requirement. However, they can provide an excellent service at affordable and reasonable rates. They can also save hosts a lot of time that they can use in more important managerial duties.

How Often Should You Deep Clean An Airbnb?

Airbnbs should be cleaned before the next set of guests arrive to keep them happy and lead to more positive reviews. However, deep cleans are generally recommended every three to six months, depending on how many guests you get and how dirty your Airbnb is.

Reveal your property’s rental profitability

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