Henderson Short Term Rental Regulation: A Guide For Airbnb Hosts

Henderson, Nevada

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Starting a Short Term Rental Business in Henderson

The City of Henderson, Nevada passed an ordinance in 2019 legalizing and regulating short-term rentals (STRs) like Airbnb and Vrbo12. Property owners who want to operate STRs in Henderson must carefully follow the city's rules.

To start, hosts must own the property they plan to rent out short-term1. They are required to register for a short-term rental permit and pay an annual registration fee of $82012. The registration number must be posted on all STR advertisements and listings, as well as displayed inside the rental unit itself12.

Hosts must also designate a local contact person who is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to any complaints or issues within 30 minutes12. The local contact's information must be provided to all neighboring properties within 200 feet1.

Other requirements include obtaining at least $500,000 in liability insurance coverage, submitting a noise management plan, and completing a city-approved short-term rental certification program124. Newly registered STRs must be located at least 1,000 feet away from any other licensed short-term rentals3.

Short Term Rental Licensing Requirements in Henderson

The path to legally operating a short-term rental in Henderson involves several steps1245:

  • Ensure your property is eligible and meets all requirements
  • Complete a short-term rental certification course approved by the city
  • Obtain $500,000 in liability insurance coverage
  • Submit registration application
  • Receive short-term rental permit
  • Post permit number on all advertisements and in rental unit
  • Provide designated local contact information to all neighbors within 200 feet
  • Follow all other city rules and regulations for short-term rentals

The City of Henderson estimates the registration fees could generate around $370,000 in annual revenue for the city5. However, the somewhat lengthy and expensive registration process has been a point of frustration for some hosts5.

Required Documents for Henderson Short Term Rentals

When applying for a short-term rental permit in Henderson, hosts must submit the following documents to the city124:

  • Proof of property ownership, such as a deed
  • Certificate of insurance showing $500,000 in liability coverage
  • Completed noise management plan detailing how noise issues will be addressed
  • Proof of completion of a city-approved short-term rental certification course
  • Name and contact information of a designated local contact person
  • Signed acknowledgment form agreeing to follow all city short-term rental rules
  • $820 annual registration fee

The city may require additional documentation as needed. Hosts should carefully review all requirements and ensure their application is complete before submitting.

Henderson Short Term Rental Taxes

Just like hotels, short-term rentals in Henderson are required to collect transient lodging taxes from guests and remit them to the city1210. As of 2023, the transient lodging tax rate in Henderson is 13% of the listing price including any cleaning fees, for stays up to 30 nights1014.

Notably, Airbnb and Vrbo do not collect or remit these taxes on behalf of hosts in Henderson1214. This means short-term rental operators are solely responsible for collecting the 13% tax from guests, filing regular transient lodging tax returns, and remitting the taxes to the city12.

Failure to comply with Henderson's transient lodging tax requirements can result in fines and penalties for short-term rental hosts. The city recommends hosts consult with a tax professional to ensure full compliance with all lodging tax obligations10.

Henderson-wide Short Term Rental Rules

In addition to permitting and tax collection requirements, the City of Henderson's short-term rental ordinance includes a number of other city-wide rules hosts must follow1235:

  • Rentals must have a minimum 2-night stay, with a maximum stay of 30 days
  • No more than 25% of units in a multifamily building can be registered as STRs
  • In multifamily buildings, only owners or lessees of an individual unit may register it as an STR (not the building owner)20
  • STRs cannot be used for weddings, parties, events, or large gatherings
  • Guests must use all available on-site parking before parking on the street
  • Quiet hours from 10pm to 7am must be observed, with no use of outdoor sound equipment5
  • Occupancy is limited to 2 people per bedroom, with a maximum of 10 people per unit5
  • Newly registered STRs must be located at least 1,000 feet from any existing STRs
  • Homeowners associations (HOAs) can prohibit STRs in their neighborhoods5

These regulations are intended to balance the economic opportunity of short-term rentals with the concerns of neighbors and the community about noise, parking, and housing availability impacts23.

The 1,000 foot distance requirement between STRs is one of the strictest in the region.

Does Henderson strictly enforce STR rules?

While Henderson has taken a somewhat more permissive approach to short-term rentals compared to other Southern Nevada localities that have fully or partially banned them, the city does appear to be ramping up enforcement efforts123.

The city plans to hire a third-party consultant to help identify short-term rentals currently operating without a permit and notify them of the new requirements2. Fines for operating an unregistered STR start at $500 per day2.

Henderson also plans to establish a 24/7 complaint hotline for neighbors to report issues with short-term rentals, with licensed operators required to resolve complaints within 30 minutes23. This is a quicker response time than the 45 minutes originally proposed1.

However, some Airbnb and Vrbo hosts on forums like Reddit and Bigger Pockets have reported operating under the radar in Henderson without major problems so far35. Enforcement currently seems most focused on responding to complaints about noise, parties, trash, and parking35.

Compared to the full ban on STRs in unincorporated Clark County and heavy restrictions in Las Vegas, Henderson is somewhat more friendly to vacation rentals12. However, the strict distancing requirements and expensive registration fees show the city is trying to carefully control the growth and impact of STRs.

How to Start a Short Term Rental Business in Henderson

Here are the key steps to legally starting an Airbnb or other short-term rental business in the City of Henderson124511:

  • Confirm your property is eligible and meets all Henderson requirements, including location, type of unit, parking availability, etc. Properties in HOAs that prohibit STRs are not eligible.
  • Complete a short-term rental certification course approved by the City of Henderson. This is required for all hosts or property managers.
  • Obtain liability insurance with a minimum of $500,000 in coverage. Provide proof of insurance with your permit application.
  • Prepare all required documents for the STR permit application, including property deed, insurance certificate, noise management plan, local contact information, and certification course completion.
  • Submit STR permit application to the City of Henderson with $820 annual registration fee. Wait for the city to process and approve the application.
  • Once approved, post the STR permit number on all online listings and advertisements for your rental. Also display the permit inside the rental unit.
  • Notify immediate neighbors within 200 feet of your STR permit and provide them with your designated local contact's information. The local contact must be available 24/7 to quickly resolve any complaints.
  • Ensure your short-term rental follows all Henderson rules, including parking, occupancy limits, noise regulations, etc. Install noise monitoring devices as required.
  • Collect the 13% transient lodging tax from guests and file regular tax returns with the city. Consult a tax professional to ensure compliance.
  • Maintain accurate records and renew your Henderson STR permit annually as required. Stay up-to-date on any changes to the city's short-term rental regulations.

While the process involves several steps and some upfront costs, hosts can operate legally and successfully in Henderson's growing short-term rental market by carefully following the rules. The Greater Las Vegas Short-Term Rental Association is one local resource that can provide further guidance.

Who to contact in Henderson about Short Term Rental Regulations and Zoning

For questions about Henderson's short-term rental program, requirements, zoning, or the permit application process, you can contact:

City of Henderson
Community Development and Services Department

240 Water Street, Henderson, NV 89015
Phone: (702) 267-1500

The city's website has detailed information on the short-term rental program, application forms, fee schedule, and answers to frequently asked questions. Prospective and current short-term rental hosts can also sign up for email updates from the city.

For issues or complaints related to a specific short-term rental property, you can contact Henderson's 24/7 short-term rental hotline:

City of Henderson Short-Term Rental Hotline
Phone: (702) 267-5900

Neighbors can call this number any time to report problems like noise, parking, trash, or over-occupancy at a nearby short-term rental. The city will then contact the property's designated local representative, who is required to resolve the issue within 30 minutes.

What do Airbnb hosts in Henderson on Reddit and Bigger Pockets think about local regulations?

Here's a sample of what short-term rental hosts in Henderson are saying on online forums35:"I've been operating an Airbnb in Henderson for about a year now and it's going pretty well. The permit process was kind of a pain but we got it done. My neighbors have been cool with it so far, knock on wood." (Reddit r/AirBnB)"

The $820 annual fee is definitely steep, not gonna lie. But I'm making it work so far. Beats not being able to do STRs at all like in some other parts of the Vegas area." (Reddit r/AirBnBHosts)"

Definitely doable to run a short-term rental in Henderson these days since they legalized it a few years back. Just make sure you really dot your i's and cross your t's with the permit application and following all the rules to a T." (Bigger Pockets Las Vegas)"1000 feet between rentals is rough, not gonna lie. Narrows down the available properties a lot. Wish the city would reconsider that part at least." (Bigger Pockets Las Vegas)"

The city's not messing around with enforcement from what I've heard. They're coming down hard on the non-permitted STRs. Not worth the risk IMO." (Reddit r/AirBnB)The consensus seems to be that while Henderson's short-term rental regulations are strict and the permit process is intensive, hosts are finding ways to make it work and appreciate that the city allows STRs at all, unlike some other areas.

The high annual permit fee and 1,000 foot distance requirement are two of the most commonly criticized aspects. But hosts who follow the rules closely are generally able to operate without major issues so far. Many stress the importance of maintaining positive relationships with neighbors and quickly resolving any complaints to stay in the city's good graces.

As Henderson's short-term rental program matures, hosts are hopeful the city may consider tweaking some of the more onerous regulations. But for now, they are working within the established system to capitalize on the demand for vacation rentals in the Las Vegas area, while competing with a growing number of other permitted STRs. The coming years will reveal how strictly Henderson enforces the new rules and whether the short-term rental market there continues to grow.

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