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Leveraging Local Events to Boost Your Short-Term Rental Bookings

Attracting guests to your short-term rental involves more than just offering a comfortable and stylish place to stay. By aligning your rental strategy with local events, you can tap into a vibrant market of travelers attending festivals, conferences, sports events, and cultural gatherings. This approach not only increases occupancy rates during event periods but also enhances your property’s appeal by positioning it as a gateway to unique local experiences. Let’s explore how to effectively leverage local events and the top 5 tips for maximizing bookings during these peak times.

Understanding the Local Calendar:

Start by getting acquainted with the annual calendar of events in your area. This includes everything from major international conferences to local music festivals and sporting events. Understanding the timing, audience, and impact of these events on local accommodation demand allows you to tailor your marketing and pricing strategy accordingly.

Tailoring Your Rental to Event-Goers:

Customize your rental offering to meet the specific needs of guests attending local events. This could mean providing information on transportation options to and from the event, offering flexible check-in and check-out times, or equipping your rental with amenities that cater to the event demographic, such as secure storage for sports equipment or a workspace for conference attendees.

Marketing Your Rental for the Event:

Highlight in your listing how your property caters to event-goers. Use keywords related to the event in your rental’s online description to improve search visibility and include information on the event’s proximity to your property. Social media and local event forums are also great platforms to promote your rental to potential guests looking for accommodations.

Building Partnerships with Local Businesses:

Collaborate with local businesses to create packages or special offers for guests. This could include discounts at nearby restaurants, ticket deals for local attractions, or transportation services. Such partnerships not only enhance the guest experience but also strengthen your connections within the local community.

Providing Exceptional Guest Experiences:

Ensure that guests have an unforgettable stay by providing exceptional service and personalized touches. A guide to the local area, recommendations for dining and leisure, and a welcome gift can all make guests feel valued and increase the likelihood of positive reviews and repeat bookings.

Top 5 Tips for Maximizing Bookings During Local Events:

  • Early Preparation: Begin marketing your rental well in advance of the event to capture early bookings. Adjust your pricing strategy to reflect the increased demand without pricing out potential guests.
  • Flexible Policies: Consider adjusting your cancellation and minimum stay policies to be more flexible around event dates, making your listing more attractive to event-goers who may have changing plans.
  • Transportation Tips: Provide detailed information on transportation options to and from the event venue, including public transport schedules, parking options, or contact details for local taxi services.
  • Local Insight: Offer insider tips on how to best enjoy the event, such as the best times to arrive, lesser-known attractions, or advice on avoiding crowds. This local insight can significantly enhance your guests’ experience.
  • Follow-Up for Future Events: After their stay, follow up with guests to thank them for choosing your rental and inform them about upcoming events they might be interested in. This keeps your property top of mind for future visits.


By strategically leveraging local events, short-term rental hosts can not only boost occupancy rates but also provide guests with an enriching travel experience that connects them with the heart of the local community. Implementing these strategies and tips can transform your rental into the go-to accommodation for event-goers, setting the stage for a successful and profitable hosting experience.

Reveal your property’s rental profitability

Buy this property and list it for short term rental.