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Host a Micro-Brewery Experience: Crafting Unique Beer Tastings at Your Short-Term Rental

For property owners looking to offer a distinctive experience, integrating a micro-brewery experience or craft beer tasting area into your short-term rental can attract beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike. This unique feature can set your listing apart and provide guests with an engaging activity during their stay. By leveraging insights from BNBCalc, you can gauge interest and preferences for such offerings and tailor your amenities to enhance guest satisfaction and attract a niche market. Here’s how to brew success with a micro-brewery experience at your rental.

Setting Up a Tasting Room:

Designate a space within your rental for beer tasting and education. This area should be equipped with comfortable seating, proper lighting, and rustic decor to enhance the brewery feel. Include a bar or a long table where guests can sit and sample various beers. Ensure that this space is conducive to social interaction and relaxation.

Offering a Selection of Craft Beers:

Curate a selection of local craft beers, focusing on a variety of styles to cater to different tastes. You might include everything from light pilsners and hoppy IPAs to rich stouts and sour ales. Providing detailed descriptions and origins of each beer can enhance the tasting experience and educate guests about the local beer scene.

Home Brewing Kit:

For an interactive experience, consider installing a small home brewing kit in the rental, such as top rated Craft a Brew home brewing kit. Offer guests the option to try brewing their own beer during their stay, with detailed instructions and ingredients provided. This can be a memorable part of their visit, offering a hands-on approach to understanding the brewing process.

Partnerships with Local Breweries:

Form partnerships with local breweries to offer guests tours, brewing classes, or special events. This not only supports local businesses but also enriches the guest experience with expert knowledge and behind-the-scenes access to the brewing process.

Hosting Beer Tasting Events:

Organize scheduled beer tasting events that coincide with guest stays. These can be informal gatherings where guests can taste different beers, pair them with food, and learn about beer brewing and tasting techniques from knowledgeable hosts or local brewers.

Top 5 Features to Highlight in Your Listing:

  1. Dedicated Tasting Room: Showcase the specially designed area set up for beer tastings, emphasizing its ambiance and suitability for relaxation and socialization.
  2. Variety of Craft Beers: Highlight the wide range of local craft beers available for tasting, noting any rare or special editions included in your collection.
  3. Brew-Your-Own Beer Experience: Detail the home brewing kit and its features, appealing to guests interested in the brewing process.
  4. Local Brewery Collaborations: Promote the benefits of your local brewery partnerships, including exclusive tours and classes available to your guests.
  5. Beer Tasting Events: Mention any beer tasting events you host, describing them as fun and educational experiences ideal for beer lovers and novices alike.


Integrating a micro-brewery experience into your short-term rental offers guests a unique and memorable stay, setting your property apart in the marketplace. This feature not only appeals to craft beer enthusiasts but also those curious about local culture and artisanal crafts. By combining comfortable accommodations with engaging beer-related activities, supported by insights from BNBCalc, your rental can attract a broader audience, encourage longer stays, and generate enthusiastic reviews.

Reveal your property’s rental profitability

Buy this property and list it on Airbnb.