Unlocking Investment Potential: A Guide to Rental Properties in Kent County, RI

Kent County, RI

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Investing in rental properties can be a lucrative venture, offering a steady stream of income and potential appreciation over time. A good rental property is characterized by its location, condition, and potential to attract and retain tenants. The location is particularly crucial as it determines the property’s desirability, rental income potential, and long-term value. Kent County, Rhode Island, with its blend of suburban tranquility and proximity to urban amenities, presents a promising area for rental property investment. This guide will explore the best neighborhoods in Kent County, evaluating each based on various factors to help you make an informed investment decision.

Best Neighborhoods and Areas in Kent County, RI

1. Warwick


  • Convenience: A
  • Tourist Attractions: B
  • Things to Do: A-
  • Average Home Prices: B
  • Return on Investment: A
  • Proximity to Work-Related Travel: A+
  • X-Factor: B+

Convenience: Warwick offers excellent convenience with numerous shopping centers, restaurants, and essential services. Its well-developed infrastructure ensures easy access to daily needs and amenities.

Tourist Attractions: Warwick is home to several attractions, including the historic Apponaug Village and the Warwick City Park. While not a major tourist hub, it provides a pleasant environment for residents and visitors alike.

Things to Do: Residents can enjoy a variety of activities, from parks and beaches to cultural events and dining options. The Warwick Mall and various recreational facilities add to the vibrant lifestyle.

Average Home Prices: The average home prices in Warwick are moderate, making it an attractive option for investors. The cost of entry is reasonable compared to neighboring areas, and rental yields are promising.

Return on Investment: Warwick offers a strong return on investment due to its demand for rental properties and steady appreciation. The rental market is robust, with a high occupancy rate.

Proximity to Work-Related Travel: Warwick's proximity to T.F. Green Airport and major highways makes it ideal for work-related travel. It’s also close to Providence, providing additional employment opportunities.

X-Factor: Warwick’s unique blend of suburban and urban features, combined with its accessibility and amenities, makes it a desirable location for families and professionals.

2. East Greenwich


  • Convenience: A
  • Tourist Attractions: B+
  • Things to Do: A
  • Average Home Prices: C
  • Return on Investment: B+
  • Proximity to Work-Related Travel: A
  • X-Factor: A

Convenience: East Greenwich is known for its top-rated schools, healthcare facilities, and vibrant Main Street lined with shops and restaurants. It offers a high quality of life and easy access to essentials.

Tourist Attractions: Attractions include the Varnum Armory Museum and scenic waterfront views along Greenwich Bay. While not a major tourist destination, it has a charming historic appeal.

Things to Do: Residents can enjoy a variety of recreational activities, from sailing and boating to exploring parks and historic sites. The town’s cultural events and community activities are highlights.

Average Home Prices: Home prices in East Greenwich are higher than in other parts of Kent County, reflecting its desirability and quality of life. This can impact the initial investment cost but can lead to higher rental income.

Return on Investment: Despite higher home prices, East Greenwich offers a good return on investment due to high demand for rental properties, especially among families seeking quality education and amenities.

Proximity to Work-Related Travel: Its proximity to Providence and major highways makes it convenient for commuters. It also benefits from being close to T.F. Green Airport.

X-Factor: East Greenwich’s historic charm, excellent schools, and waterfront views make it uniquely appealing. It’s a sought-after area for those seeking a blend of history, community, and quality living.

3. West Warwick


  • Convenience: B
  • Tourist Attractions: C
  • Things to Do: B-
  • Average Home Prices: A
  • Return on Investment: B+
  • Proximity to Work-Related Travel: B
  • X-Factor: C+

Convenience: West Warwick offers a range of conveniences, including local shops, schools, and healthcare services. It’s a practical choice for those looking for affordable living without sacrificing access to essential amenities.

Tourist Attractions: The area is not particularly known for tourist attractions, but it does offer some local parks and recreational facilities.

Things to Do: While not as vibrant as Warwick or East Greenwich, West Warwick provides sufficient recreational options, including parks, community events, and local dining.

Average Home Prices: Home prices in West Warwick are among the lowest in Kent County, making it an attractive option for investors seeking affordable properties with good rental potential.

Return on Investment: The lower home prices combined with steady rental demand contribute to a favorable return on investment. It’s an appealing choice for budget-conscious investors.

Proximity to Work-Related Travel: West Warwick is reasonably well-connected, with access to major highways and public transportation. It’s a practical location for commuting to nearby employment centers.

X-Factor: West Warwick’s affordability and practical living conditions make it a solid choice for investors. While it may lack some of the charm and amenities of neighboring areas, it offers good value for money.

4. Coventry


  • Convenience: B
  • Tourist Attractions: B-
  • Things to Do: B
  • Average Home Prices: B
  • Return on Investment: B
  • Proximity to Work-Related Travel: B
  • X-Factor: B

Convenience: Coventry provides a balanced mix of suburban and rural living, with convenient access to essential services and amenities. It’s well-suited for families and individuals seeking a quieter lifestyle.

Tourist Attractions: Local attractions include the Nathanael Greene Homestead and several parks and nature trails, appealing to those who enjoy outdoor activities and historical sites.

Things to Do: Residents can engage in various recreational activities, from hiking and fishing to participating in community events. The town offers a pleasant mix of leisure options.

Average Home Prices: Home prices in Coventry are moderate, providing a reasonable entry point for investors. The area offers a good balance of cost and potential rental income.

Return on Investment: Coventry offers a stable return on investment, with steady rental demand and property appreciation. It’s a reliable option for long-term investment.

Proximity to Work-Related Travel: Coventry is well-connected by major roads, making it convenient for commuting to nearby cities and employment hubs.

X-Factor: Coventry’s appeal lies in its blend of rural charm and suburban convenience. It’s an attractive choice for those seeking a peaceful environment with access to nature and community amenities.


Kent County, RI, offers a range of investment opportunities in its diverse neighborhoods. Whether you prioritize convenience, affordability, or a unique living environment, there’s a location that fits your investment strategy. Warwick and East Greenwich stand out for their strong returns and quality of life, while West Warwick and Coventry offer affordability and steady rental demand. By carefully considering the factors outlined in this guide, you can unlock the investment potential of rental properties in Kent County.

Reveal your property’s rental profitability

Buy this property and list it on Airbnb.