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The Best Place to Purchase an Airbnb Property in Minneapolis


The Best Place to Purchase an Airbnb Property in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, Minnesota — Often referred to as the "City of Lakes", Minneapolis offers a beautiful blend of urban living and natural beauty. As the cultural and economic center of the state, it's a hotspot for tourists and business travelers alike. Airbnb hosts looking to capitalize on Minneapolis' diverse attractions would do well to consider key neighborhoods. By leveraging the power of BNBCalc, prospective hosts can make data-driven decisions that boost profitability.

North Loop

The city's historic warehouse district turned chic.

  • Nearby Attractions: Modern boutiques, high-end restaurants, and the Mississippi riverfront.
  • Seasonality: Year-round allure, especially vibrant during summer months.
  • Home Prices: Urban lofts, contemporary apartments, and converted warehouses.
  • Short-term Rental Appeal: Young professionals, urban tourists, and those keen on a modern Minneapolis experience.


Eclectic and energetic, perfect for younger crowds.

  • Nearby Attractions: Theatres, music venues, and the Chain of Lakes.
  • Seasonality: Continuous demand with peaks during cultural and music events.
  • Home Prices: Vintage apartments, townhomes, and single-family houses.
  • Short-term Rental Appeal: Adventurous travelers, music enthusiasts, and water sport lovers.

Downtown East

A rapidly evolving district near the heart of the city.

  • Nearby Attractions: U.S. Bank Stadium, Mill City Museum, and Gold Medal Park.
  • Seasonality: Spikes during sports events and concerts.
  • Home Prices: Modern condos and upscale apartments.
  • Short-term Rental Appeal: Sports fans, concert-goers, and those attending downtown events.

Minneapolis' Airbnb Rules and Restrictions

Minneapolis has laid down a comprehensive framework for short-term rentals. Hosts are required to obtain a license, meet safety standards, and adhere to certain occupancy limits. It's essential for hosts to stay informed and comply to ensure smooth operations and avoid potential fines.

The Advantage of BNBCalc in Minneapolis' Airbnb Landscape

Given the city's dynamic and multi-faceted appeal, BNBCalc stands as an indispensable tool for potential hosts. It allows them to analyze various Minneapolis neighborhoods, understand rate trends, and identify potential revenue streams.


Whether it's the city's rich cultural scene, its sporting events, or its natural beauty, Minneapolis beckons a diverse range of visitors. To succeed as an Airbnb host here, one needs more than just a great property; one needs strategic insights. BNBCalc provides those insights, making it the secret weapon for those aiming to rise to the top of Minneapolis' Airbnb market. To master the Minneapolis short-term rental game, trust in BNBCalc's data-driven guidance.

Reveal your property’s rental profitability

Buy this property and list it on Airbnb.