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How to use Airbnb Quick replies to save time

If you ever find yourself getting asked the same questions by guests over and over, you're not alone. Some things like directions, recommendations, or even post checkout messages can totally be automated using Airbnb's template feature called quick Replies.

You can set up templates of answers to commonly asked questions right in the Airbnb App on mobile or on the web. The answers can also include shortcodes which pull the guests Name, Date of arrival, number of guests to make the replies sound even more personalized.

How to create a Quick Reply

  • Open up your messages with a guest.
  • Click on the button on the bottom left that looks like 2 message blurbs.
  • Create a title, write your message, customize with shortcodes, and click Save.
  • Whenever you need to use them, just press the same button and choose the message you'd like to send.

Scheduled Messages

Another cool feature that's built into Airbnb's app is Scheduled Messages. This feature allows you to send custom messages at different points of events, such as at Check In, or at Check out.

These messages can be customized with Short Code as well to make them feel less automated and more tailored to your guest.

At check in for my properties, we send a thank you note for choosing the property, and let them know a little about the check in process. We also include information regarding the best means of transportation in the area. And we also include the wifi name and password for convenience.

Also at checkout we have an automated message that thanks the guest for their stay and prompts them to share their experience at our property.

How to create Scheduled Messages

  • Click on the button next to Quick Replies, or the plus button on the bottom left in your messages with guests.
  • Select scheduled messages.
  • Click Manage.
  • Click the plus sign on the top right.
  • Set a name, message, select the listings you want to apply it to, and choose when to schedule it, at Booking Confirmed, Check in, or Check out.
  • You can customize the message using short codes to include the guests name or how many guests.

Analyze Airbnb profitability for any address