Short Term Rental Analysis

3967 Ray Dr

Montgomery, Alabama

4 bed

3 bath

10 guests

$279,000 Purchase Price

    Under Analysis

    For Sale

    Listing Unavailable


No description added

Projected Revenue

AirDna ADR: $133

AirDna Occupancy: 56%

Avg Daily Rate

Annual Revenue

Occupancy Rate

205 Days/Year


Financial Summary

This looks like a poor investment over the next 1 year



Operating Expenses


Operating Income


Mortgage & Taxes


Profit (Cash Flow)


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Return Metrics

-2.74% cash-on-cash return is a poor return over the next 1 year

Price Appreciation


Cash on Cash Return


Cap Rate


Cash Investment Summary

You will need $66,550 in cash to and renovate this property

Down Payment


Furniture & Renovations


Closing Costs