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  • Instant revenue projections from Airbnb and Vrbo
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Just enter the address or paste a Zillow link to instantly forecast Airbnb revenue and occupancy as well as Long Term Rental income. Our analysis factors in financing, expenses and tax deductions to help you choose the property with the highest cash-on-cash return

Select between Rent (Airbnb Arbitrage), Buy, or Cohost to estimate Airbnb profitability for your use case. Easily edit expenses, mortgage rates, setup costs, and tax savings.

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Eliminate financial guesswork in Airbnb investing. Just enter an address and receive:

  • Instant revenue projections from Airbnb and Vrbo
  • 10 Airbnb comps with revenues and occupancy rate
  • 10 Long-term rental comps with revenues
  • Airbnb seasonality - revenue by month
  • Financial summary after expenses and financing
  • Estimated tax savings w/depreciation
  • Share link and printout
  • Property data from Zillow & MLS

Return metrics

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Detailed breakdown of setup costs

Customize each calculated field with dozens of detailed hidden costs that most investors overlook.

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Benchmark against long-term rental properties in your area

Not commited to Airbnb? See how long term rentals in your area are performing.

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