Elevating Your Short-Term Rental with Instagrammable Moments

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Creating a space that's not just comfortable and welcoming but also highly photogenic can significantly enhance your short-term rental's appeal in today's social media-driven world. Guests are often on the lookout for unique and beautiful settings that can add an extra layer of excitement to their travel experiences, making your property more desirable and shareable. Here’s how to infuse your rental with Instagram-worthy spots that will not only delight your guests but also encourage them to share their experience, boosting your visibility and appeal.

Crafting Picture-Perfect Spaces:

Designing your rental with Instagram in mind doesn't mean you have to overhaul your entire decor. Instead, focus on creating specific spots or elements that stand out for their aesthetic appeal and uniqueness. This could be a vibrant mural wall, an eclectic mix of textiles and patterns, or a cozy reading nook with perfect natural lighting.

Incorporating Local Flair:

One way to make your rental memorable is by integrating elements that reflect the local culture and landscape. This could be through artwork, furnishings, or decorative items that tell a story or offer a sense of place. Guests will appreciate the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local vibe and share it with their followers.

Ensuring Natural Light and Lush Greenery:

Good lighting is crucial for that perfect shot. Maximizing natural light through windows and strategically placed mirrors can make your spaces more inviting and photogenic. Adding plants and greenery can bring life and color to your interiors, creating serene backdrops for guests’ photos.

Creating a Signature Piece or Experience:

Having a unique feature or experience can set your rental apart. Whether it’s a custom-built loft bed, an outdoor fire pit area, or a DIY cocktail station with local ingredients, offering something they can’t get elsewhere can make your property a must-book for the Instagram-savvy traveler.

Encouraging Sharing with a Hashtag:

Create a custom hashtag for your rental and encourage guests to use it when posting photos of their stay. This not only allows you to easily find and share guest content but also builds a community around your property. Displaying the hashtag in a tasteful, visible spot in your rental can serve as a gentle reminder.

Top 5 Instagrammable Spots to Consider for Your Rental:

  • A beautifully set dining or coffee table with unique, local tableware - perfect for those #Foodie shots.
  • An outdoor area with string lights, comfortable seating, and soft textiles - ideal for capturing the magic of golden hour.
  • A quirky, themed bookshelf or art installation that invites curiosity and close-ups.
  • A cozy, well-lit corner with plush pillows and throws, alongside a stack of aesthetically pleasing books or magazines.
  • A scenic viewpoint or window that frames the local landscape or cityscape, offering a natural backdrop for guests’ photos.


By deliberately crafting Instagrammable moments within your short-term rental, you not only enhance your guests' experience but also leverage free marketing as they share their memories with friends and followers. This approach can increase your property's visibility, attract a broader audience, and ultimately, boost your bookings. Remember, the goal is to create a space that guests find worth sharing - a place where memorable moments are made and captured.

Reveal your property’s rental profitability

Buy this property and list it on Airbnb.