8 Tips for Creating a Cozy Outdoorsy Camper Rental For Airbnb

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Choosing the right camper requires designing a welcoming exterior, providing essential amenities, creating an aesthetic and functional interior, offering unique features, enhancing the outdoor experience, enhancing the outdoor experience and taking care of your guests, and ensuring cleanliness and maintenance.


Camper rentals on Airbnb have surged in popularity recently as travelers seek unique and immersive outdoor experiences. Creating a cozy, inviting space is key to attracting guests and ensuring a memorable stay. To help hosts craft the perfect camper rental, we've compiled 8 essential tips. From choosing the right camper to designing a functional interior and providing thoughtful amenities, these strategies will transform your camper into an irresistible retreat. Whether you're a seasoned host or just starting out, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps to create an outstanding camper rental that stands out from the crowd.

1. Choose the Right Camper

When creating a cozy outdoor camper rental for Airbnb, selecting the perfect one is a crucial first step. Consider the size and layout that will appeal to your target audience, whether it's solo adventurers, couples, or small families. A camper with a well-designed floor plan that maximizes space and offers separate sleeping, dining, and relaxing areas will be most attractive to potential guests.

Look for Potential

While it's essential to choose a camper in good condition, don't be afraid to look for one with good bones and potential for upgrades. A vintage camper with a solid foundation can be transformed into a charming and unique space with some creative renovations and personal touches.

Consider Your Location

Think about the environment where your camper will be parked. A smaller, more rugged camper may be the best choice if you plan to offer a more rustic experience in a remote location. However, if your rental will be located in a campground or RV park with amenities, a larger camper with more creature comforts may be more appropriate.

2. Create a Welcoming Exterior

First impressions matter, and the exterior of your camper rental is the first thing guests will see upon arrival. To create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere, consider giving the exterior a fresh coat of paint in a warm, neutral color or wrap it in an eye-catching design that reflects the outdoorsy theme.

Illuminate the Space

Adding string lights around the camper's awning or creating a cozy seating area with lanterns will provide a practical light source and create a warm and inviting ambiance for guests to enjoy in the evenings.

Outdoor Amenities

To enhance the outdoor living experience, consider including a small outdoor kitchen or BBQ area. This will allow guests to cook meals and enjoy the outdoors without having to leave the comfort of the camper. Providing a few camp chairs or a picnic table will also encourage guests to spend more time outside and fully immerse themselves in the natural surroundings.


If your camper is parked in a permanent location, consider adding some landscaping elements like potted plants, a small herb garden, or a decorative rock border to create a more inviting and cohesive outdoor space.

3. Design a Cozy and Functional Interior

Creating a cozy and functional interior is key to ensuring your guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay in your camper rental. Start by developing a cohesive color scheme and design style that reflects the outdoorsy theme and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Maximize Space

To make the most of the limited space in a camper, incorporate multi-functional furniture pieces like a convertible sofa bed or a dining table that can be folded away when not in use. Clever storage solutions, such as built-in shelves, overhead cabinets, and under-bed drawers, will help keep the space organized and clutter-free.

Natural Materials

Incorporating natural materials like wood, stone, and textiles will add warmth and texture to the interior, creating a cozy and inviting ambiance. Use reclaimed wood for accent walls or shelving, and add plush throw pillows and blankets in natural fibers like wool or cotton.

Lighting and Decor

Ensure the camper has adequate lighting, including a mix of overhead fixtures and task lighting for reading or cooking. Add personal touches like artwork, plants, and decorative objects to make the space feel homey and unique.

4. Provide Essential Amenities

To ensure your guests have a comfortable and convenient stay, providing essential amenities in your camper rental is crucial. Start by stocking the camper with high-quality linens, towels, and bedding. Choose soft, durable fabrics that will hold up well to frequent washing and use.

Well-Equipped Kitchen

A well-equipped kitchen is a must-have for any camper rental. Provide a range of cookware, dinnerware, and basic appliances like a coffee maker, toaster, and microwave. Don't forget to include essential cooking utensils, such as knives, cutting boards, and can openers. By offering a fully-stocked kitchen, your guests can prepare their own meals and save money on dining out.

Bathroom Essentials

Provide basic toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, soap, and toilet paper in the bathroom. Include a hairdryer and extra towels for added convenience. Make sure to also supply cleaning products like disinfectant wipes and all-purpose cleaners, so guests can keep the camper tidy during their stay.

Entertainment Options

Finally, consider offering some entertainment options for your guests to enjoy during their downtime. A small selection of books, board games, or a deck of cards can provide hours of fun for families or groups of friends. If space allows, you might also include a small TV or projector for movie nights or streaming services.

5. Offer Unique Extras

Take your camper rental stand out from the competition and provide guests with a truly memorable experience, consider offering unique extras that go beyond the basic amenities.

Welcome Basket

One thoughtful touch is to create a welcome basket filled with local treats, maps, and guides to nearby attractions. This could include locally sourced snacks, artisanal beverages, or handmade crafts that showcase what your area offers. Not only will this give guests a taste of the local culture, but it will also make them feel welcomed and appreciated from the moment they arrive.

Outdoor Gear

Another way to enhance the outdoor experience for your guests is to provide a selection of outdoor gear for them to use during their stay. This could include camp chairs, hammocks, bicycles, or even kayaks or paddleboards if your camper is near a water body. By offering these extras, you'll encourage guests to explore the surrounding area and fully immerse themselves in the outdoorsy lifestyle.

Local Partnerships

Partnering with local businesses is another great way to offer unique experiences for your guests. Consider reaching out to nearby restaurants, tour operators, or adventure companies to see if they would be interested in offering discounts or special packages for your camper rental guests. This could include anything from a complimentary appetizer at a local eatery to a guided hiking or fishing excursion at a discounted rate. By collaborating with other businesses in your area, you'll provide your guests with a more well-rounded and memorable experience, support the local economy, and build relationships within your community.

Personalized Recommendations

Finally, don't underestimate the power of personalized recommendations. Take the time to get to know your guests and their interests, and offer tailored suggestions for activities, dining, or sightseeing based on their preferences. This could be as simple as recommending a scenic hiking trail for nature enthusiasts or a cozy coffee shop for those who enjoy a quiet morning routine. By going the extra mile to provide personalized recommendations, you'll show your guests that you care about their individual needs and are committed to ensuring they have the best possible experience during their stay.

6. Prioritize Comfort and Functionality

To ensure your guests have a memorable and enjoyable stay in your camper rental, it's essential to prioritize both comfort and functionality. One of the most important aspects of comfort is a good night's sleep, so invest in a high-quality mattress and pillows that will provide ample support and relaxation.

Temperature Control

Proper insulation and temperature control are also crucial for guest comfort, especially in areas with extreme weather conditions. Make sure your camper is well-insulated and equipped with a reliable heating and cooling system. Provide extra blankets and fans so guests can adjust the temperature to their liking.

Reliable Wi-Fi and Charging Stations

In today's connected world, reliable Wi-Fi and charging stations are a must-have for many travelers. Install a strong Wi-Fi connection that can handle multiple devices and provide ample charging outlets throughout the camper. This will allow guests to stay connected, work remotely, or stream their favorite entertainment without any hassle.

Clear Instructions

To ensure guests can easily navigate and operate the various systems and appliances in the camper, provide clear instructions and labeling. Create a comprehensive guide that covers everything from how to use the stove and oven to operating the water pump and electrical hookups. Providing these instructions will empower your guests to feel confident and self-sufficient during their stay.

Maintenance and Repairs

Regular maintenance and prompt repairs are essential for keeping your camper rental in top condition. Develop a schedule for a home inspection and servicing of all major systems, such as plumbing, electrical, and propane. Address any issues or malfunctions promptly to avoid inconveniencing your guests or compromising their safety.

7. Enhance the Outdoor Experience

One of the main reasons guests choose a camper rental is to immerse themselves in the great outdoors. To enhance their experience, create a comprehensive guide to local hiking trails, parks, and outdoor attractions. Include detailed descriptions, difficulty levels, and estimated hiking times to help guests plan their adventures.

Cozy Outdoor Area

Set up a cozy outdoor area adjacent to the camper, complete with a fire pit, comfortable seating, and ambient lighting. This will provide guests with a perfect spot to relax, roast marshmallows, and stargaze after a day of exploring. Make sure to include firewood or provide instructions on where guests can purchase it locally.

Stargazing and Wildlife Viewing

If your camper is located in an area known for its clear night skies or abundant wildlife, offer suggestions for the best stargazing or wildlife viewing spots nearby. Provide guests a star chart or a pair of binoculars to use during their stay.

Unique Touches

Consider adding unique touches like a small herb garden or an outdoor shower to make your camper rental stand out. An herb garden will allow guests to add fresh flavors to their meals, while an outdoor shower provides a refreshing and invigorating experience after a long hike or swim.

8. Ensure Safety and Cleanliness

The safety and cleanliness of your camper rental should be top priorities. Regularly inspect and maintain all camper systems and appliances, including the electrical, plumbing, and propane systems, to ensure they are functioning properly and safely. Provide essential fire safety equipment, such as smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, and make sure they are in good working order.

Thorough Cleaning and Sanitation

To maintain a high standard of cleanliness, create a thorough cleaning checklist and ensure the camper is sanitized between each guest. This includes washing and disinfecting all surfaces, linens, and towels and airing out the camper to prevent musty odors. In light of recent health concerns, consider offering contactless check-in and checkout options to minimize person-to-person contact and give your guests added peace of mind.


Creating a cozy and inviting camper rental is essential for attracting guests and ensuring a memorable stay. By implementing the tips outlined in this guide, you can transform your camper into an irresistible retreat that stands out from the competition. From choosing the right camper and designing a functional interior to providing thoughtful amenities and enhancing the outdoor experience, each element plays a crucial role in crafting the perfect camper rental.


What Are the Essential Amenities to Include in a Camper Rental?

When setting up your camper rental, focus on providing essential amenities that ensure a comfortable stay for your guests. Include clean bedding, towels, and basic toiletries. Equip the kitchen with necessary cookware, utensils, and appliances. Offer outdoor amenities such as camping chairs, a grill, or a fire pit to enhance the outdoorsy experience.

How Can I Create a Cozy and Inviting Atmosphere in My Camper Rental?

Incorporate warm and inviting decor elements such as string lights, plush blankets, and comfortable pillows to create a cozy atmosphere. Use natural materials like wood and woven textures to enhance the outdoorsy feel. Add personal touches such as local guidebooks, board games, or a welcome basket with s'mores supplies to make guests feel at home.

What Are Some Tips for Showcasing My Camper Rental's Unique Features?

Highlight your camper rental's unique features in your Airbnb listing description and photos. Emphasize any special amenities, such as a rooftop deck, an outdoor shower, or a built-in fire pit. Showcase the surrounding natural beauty and nearby outdoor activities to appeal to adventure-seeking guests.

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